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Information Argentina A-Z

Border formalities for Argentina

For argentina you need a passport that is valid for 6 months upon arrival. For tourists visiting Argentina, you need a visa. When you get a customs stamp, you can stay in Argentina for 90 days. You can still renew after 90 days. This is done at the immigration office in Buenos Aires. To work in Argentina you'll need a work visa. In Argentina there is an export ban for souvenirs made ​​from protected animal or plant species.


Business hours in Argentina

The banks in Argentina are open Monday / Friday from 10-15 hours. Post Offices Monday / Friday from 9 or 10-18 pm and on Saturday from 10-13 hours. Shops in the larger cities are usually open Monday / Friday from 9 or 9:30 to 19:30 pm and on Saturday from 8:30 or 9-13 hours.


Capital of Argentina

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires, a city of about 3 million inhabitants. Buenos Aires is also the cultural capital and the political and economic power is also located in this metropolis.


Children on holiday in Argentina

Argentina is a safe country to travel with children. Argentines love children.


Culinary Argentina

The Argentine cuisine is a mix of Spanish, Italian, Indian and French influences. The specialty of the Argentine cuisine is the meat and fish laid on the grill. Argentines are the largest carnivores of the world. Locro is a typical traditional main course. 'Locro' is a sturdy stew based on maize with onions, meat, chicken or sausage. Empanadas are flaps with different fillings such as beef, chicken or cheese. Breakfast in Argentina consists of sweets.


Culture/ traditions of Argentina

The Argentine culture is heavily influenced by European culture. Buenos Aires, the cultural capital of Argentina, is largely characterized by the preferences of people of European descent, and of conscious imitation of European styles in architecture. Well known is the Argentine tango, a style of music, dance and poetry. Buenos Aires is the tango capital. Another important tradition is that of the gauchos, the Argentine cowboys. They live on the Pampas and fill their days taking care of their cattle and riding their horses. Already at the first meeting men and women give each other a kiss on the right cheek (not only in formal situations). Giving three kisses, as in the Netherlands, is not done. Argentines love of conviviality, and are generally friendly and interested to foreigners.


Economy of Argentina

Argentina has a large amount of natural resources. The agricultural sector is export-oriented and the industry is very varied. In 1991 a monetary reform took place.


Education in Argentina

Argentina has a high level of education. 96% of people can read and write. After seven years of primary school children can choose a high school and then for a university. There are more than fifty universities in Argentina.


Electricity in Argentina

The voltage in Argentina is 220 volts. Adapters are available.


Embasies in Argentina

The embassies in Argentina are located in the capital Buenos Aires .


Fauna in Argentina

In Argentina there are no large predators and reptiles. In the high mountains in the northwest, along the coast of Patagonia and in the valleys of the Andes, are llama related animal species. Very occasionally you can observe whales near the coast. On the Pampa Plains lives Armadillo and around the wetlands we find snakes, monkeys and small crocodiles. In the subtropical region of Argentina live much toucans, hummingbirds, monkeys, various species of frogs and a wide variety of butterflies.


Flora in Argentina

Due to the large variety of landscapes and climates Argentina has an extensive flora. In the northwest, the country is decorated with cacti, which can be up to 8 meters high The region around Buenos Aires is characterized by subtropical forests and wide rivers.


General travelinformation Argentina

Argentina is called officially the Argentine Republic (República Argentina). Argentina is divided into six regions: Pampas, Mesopotamia, Chaco, northwest Argentina, Cuyo and Patagonia.


Government in Argentina

Argentina is a presidential republic with a presidential system and a multiparty system.


Health in Argentina

For Argentina no vaccinations are required. Please inquire for current recommended vaccinations at a vaccination clinic. In Argentina, the tap water is not drinkable for us. Buy bottled mineral water in the supermarket or kiosk. Watch out with ice cubes or just washed lettuce and vegetables. The medical care in Argentina is at a high level.


Inhabitants of Argentina

Argentina has 42.5 (2013) million inhabitants.


Internet in Argentina

In most places in Argentina internet is available, often wireless.


Languages in Argentina

The official language of Argentina is Spanish. Some indigenous people still speak their native language Quechua, Mapuche, Guaraní, Tobas and Matacos. In hotels, restaurants and sights one can also usually use English.



In Argentina, one uses the Peso (ARS), which is divided into 100 centavos. For one euro you'll get 7.8 pesos (Sept. 2013). In many places you can find ATMs (cajeros Automáticos). Since 2002, prices have risen considerably in Argentina, Buenos Aires is a lot more expensive than the rest of Argentina. Money can be exchanged at exchange offices in large cities, casas de cambios, or banks.


National Anthem of Argentina

The Argentinian national anthem is called Himno Nacional Argentino and written by Vicente López y Planes. The music to which it is sung is composed by Blas Parera. The national anthem is sung since 1813.


Public transport in Argentina

Argentina is a big country. Most places in the country are easily accessible by bus. There are some airlines that provide domestic flights. Trains in Argentina are cheaper than buses. But rail transport is slower and there are a lot less destinations. Buenos Aires has a subway system.


Religion in Argentina

Argentina has freedom of religion. Most Argentines are Roman Catholic. Other Argentines are mainly Islamic, Jewish or hang no religion.


Safety in Argentina

Argentina is, especially when compared to other South American countries, quite safe. The emergency numbers in Argentina are: firefighters 100, police 101, ambulance 107.


Smoking in Argentina

Argentina has a strict ban on smoking in public for enclosed spaces. Also, tobacco advertising and sponsorship of cigarette brands are banned. Cigarettes can not be sold to people under eighteen. The sale of loose cigarettes, which is still common practice in Argentina, has stopped.


Telephony in Argentina

The country code for Argentina is +54.


Tipping in Argentina

Giving a tip is customary in Argentina. In a bar or restaurant 10 to 15 percent is normal. For a taxi you can round up the price. Hotel staff, attentive shoeshine, gas station employees, self-appointed parking attendants, etc. expect a tip. service charge is often included in the hotel or restaurant bill. A tip of 5% is common.


Traffic in Argentina

A few roads around Buenos Aires are toll roads. In the rest of the country the roads are freely accessible. On dirt trails, it is often nice to have a 4WD car.


Weather/ Climate in Argentina

Argentina has different climates. In the west of Argentina is a dry temperate climate in the north subtropical in the south it is cool to sub-Antarctic. The north of the country lends itself throughout the year to visit. The daytime temperature varies from 15 degrees in winter to around 30 degrees in summer. Patagonia's summer (our winter) is the best season, with temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees and long daylight.

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